REGISTRATION FEES: The fee for the Great 48 is $325.00 per team. Each team is guaranteed 4 games. One day tournaments are 2 games for $200.00 per team. Registrations can be completed through or Online credit card payments are real time and payments are processed right away and will be charged a non refundable 3% + $.50 processing fee by the merchant company. If you choose not to pay by credit card you have the option to pay by check. All Checks be must be received NO LATER then the Thursday before the tournament.

Email or call for multiple team/multiple tournament discounts.

Tournament Discounts for 4 game tournaments:

The below discounts are for individual teams. For organizations with multiple teams, email us for group rates!

1 Tournament: $325.00
2 Tournaments: $630.00
3 Tournaments: $915.00
4 Tournaments: $1,220.00
5 Tournaments: $1,475.00
6 Tournaments or more= $260.00 per tournament
To receive our discount on multiple tournaments, they MUST be paid in full upon registering. When registering for multiple tournaments, choose the pay by check option. Send in your check payment minus the discount to us and please note on a seperate sheet of paper the tournaments you have signed up for.

---IMPORTANT---PLAYER PARTICIPATION WAIVER: When you register your team, you will receive a confirmation email. In the email is a link to our PLAYER PARTICIPATION WAIVER which can also be found on our homepage. Each player must have a parent sign the waiver in order to participate in Great 48 tournaments. 

Coaches: Please mail in ALL waivers at once.

CONFLICTS: Conflicts are accepted and there will be a $20 charge for any conflicts. If a conflict is submitted, there is no guarantee that the conflict will work within the schedule therefore your spot in the tournament is not secured until bracketing is completed. The Great 48 will explore all avenues of scheduling before any team's conflict is not taken.

SCHEDULING & REFUNDS: We will schedule tournaments on a first come first serve basis. Paying online via credit/debit card is a fast way of getting your team's payment in to the Great 48. 

REFUNDS: If your team does not get into a tournament due to lack of participation, you will be notified by Tuesday prior to the tournament and you will have the option of being refunded or moving to another future Great 48 tournament. If your team pulls out of a tournament for any reason after the schedule has been release you will have the option of choosing any future tournament.

WEATHER CANCELATIONS: If weather stops or cancels a tournament, teams will be able to choose another tournament to enter or be refunded 50% of registration fees.

COACH ADMISSION: Each participating team will be allowed two (2) coaches and a scorekeeper to be admitted to the tournament free of charge.

SPECTATOR ADMISSION: Tournaments are fundraisers for the local high schools and admission is required. Typically Adults (18 to 64) will pay $10, Senior Citizens (65 and older) paying $8, and students (7-17) paying $6. Children 6 and under are free.

OPEN COURTS: In the event that gym space becomes available, the Great 48 tournament directors have the option of moving a game to the available court.

FORFEITED GAME: At 10 minutes past the scheduled game time a Great 48 tournament director can announce the forfeit of the team. If a team shows up within the 10 minute span after the scheduled game time they will have 3 minutes to warm up. In the event that a team fails to show for their designated game time the team that does show will win the game by forfeit.

REFEREES: In the event that only one referee shows for a game, the game will proceed with one referee. The Great 48 has the right move one official from one game to another if they feel that it is in the best interest of the tournament.

COACH RESPONSIBILITY:It is the responsibility of the youth coaches to check their schedules online throughout the weekend.

CODE OF CONDUCT: All parents, players, and officials MUST adhere to the Great 48 Code of Conduct. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the tournament. We want to foster a positive and fun environment for the kids.

PLAYERS: Players may only play on one team during a Great 48 tournament within the same division. Players cannot play on multiple teams when both are playing simultaneously.